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Pass the CPA Exam and wondering “what’s next?”

(Besides NINJA CPE, of course) 🙂

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It’s not just free this weekend – it’s free through the end of August.

Every Saturday & Sunday For 3 Months.

Saturday 8am-12pm Central (CMA Part 1):

  • [May 28] Basic Concepts about Accounting, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Other Comprehensive Income, Statement of Changes in Equity, Statement of Cashflows & Notes to Accounts
  • [June 4] Integrated Reporting, Cash and Cash Equivalents, Accounts Receivable, Inventory & Investment Accounting
  • [June 11] Tangible Assets, Intangible Assets, Liabilities & Leases
  • [June 18] Strategic Planning & Budgeting concepts
  • [June 25] Forecasting Techniques & Budgeting Methodologies
  • [July 2] Annual Profit Plan and Supporting Schedules
  • [July 9] Top-Level Planning and Analysis
  • [July 16] Cost and Variance Measures
  • [July 23] Responsibility Centers and Reporting Segments & Performance Measures
  • [July 30] Cost Measurement Concepts
  • [August 6] Costing Concepts
  • [August 13] Overhead Costs, Supply Chain Management & Business Process Improvement
  • [August 20] Governance, Risk & Compliance, and System Controls and Security Measures
  • [August 27] Information Systems, Data Governance, Technology-based Finance Transformation & Data Analytics

Sunday 8am-12pm Central (CMA Part 2):

  • [May 29] Basic Financial Statement Analysis & Financial Ratios
  • [June 5] Profitability Analysis & Special Issues
  • [June 12] Risk and Return
  • [June 19] Long-Term Financial Management
  • [June 26] Raising Capital
  • [July 3] Working Capital Management
  • [July 10] Corporate Restructuring & International Finance
  • [July 17] Cost/Volume/Profit Analysis
  • [July 24] Marginal Analysis
  • [July 31] Pricing
  • [August 7] Enterprise Risk Management
  • [August 14] Time Value of Money & Capital Budgeting Process
  • [August 21] Capital Budgeting Techniques, Mutually Exclusive Projects, Capital Rationing & Capital Investment Analysis Method
  • [August 28] Business Ethics, Ethical Considerations for Management Accounting and Financial Management Professionals & Ethical Considerations for the Organization

(Yes, our competitors will hate us for this, but that is nothing new) 🙂

Introducing NINJA CMA Sparring.

NINJA CMA Sparring is our live CMA Exam Tutoring service.

Each weekend NINJA Mike, winner of the CMA Exam Certificate of Distinguished Performance (scored top-5 on the CMA Globally), guides CMA candidates through a deep dive into tough CMA Exam topics and reinforces the concepts learned through a series of Questions, Essays, Q&A, and Exam Day tips to prepare you for the CMA Exam.

(If you’ve attended our CPA Sparring, then you know how awesome NINJA Mike is).

For a limited time, NINJA CMA Sparring is 100% free to attend.

Why would we do this?

It’s simple.

While NINJA CPA Review is very popular among CPA Exam students, NINJA CMA is brand new to the CMA Review market and we want to get the word out.

(NINJA Mike says our CMA test bank, books, and now tutoring/cram will be better than anything out there, and since he scored top-5 in the WORLD on the CMA, we will take his word for it). 🙂

That’s where you come in.

Please share this with every CMA candidate you know and help us launch NINJA CMA Review.

Free. Every Weekend. Through August.

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